Manzano Medical Group specializes in both outpatient and inpatient occupational and rehabilitative medicine, including spine care, brain injury care, regenerative medicine, and acupuncture. Read on for more information about our services.


Outpatient Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


The spectrum of our outpatient practice of rehabilitation medicine is very broad. We not only provide medical care for our diverse group of outpatients, but we also care about them as unique and special people.

We diagnose problems in the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, which often cause our patients to suffer from functional limitations, and painful syndromes. We perform complete histories, physical examinations, and perform diagnostic testing to find the source of the pain, injury or disability.

Physicians provide treatment, and coordinate care with a team as necessary. The result is a specifically designed treatment program tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

Inpatient Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Our physicians are extensively trained to provide inpatient services in a variety of hospital settings. We are able to treat patients at the most appropriate level of care. This could be in a short-term or long-term acute care hospital, an inpatient rehabilitation center, or a skilled nursing facility.

Our primary base of operations in Albuquerque is located in the Rehabilitation Hospital of New Mexico. This center developed the first comprehensive rehabilitation program in New Mexico, and is recognized as the premier provider of rehabilitation services in the Southwest.

Occupational Medicine


The Manzano Medical Group offers preventive solutions, as well as cost effective quality care for work related injuries or illnesses. Our physician's are specialists in Occupational and Rehabilitation Medicine and are uniquely qualified to treat patients with acute, sub-acute, or chronic problems.

Specialty Services

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) assessment and treatment
  • Spine care of occupational injuries of the back and neck
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Impairment ratings, and Impairment rating review services
  • Electrodiagnostic testing
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic spinal and musculoskeletal injections
  • Physiatry management of more complex cases in a cost-effective manner, emphasizing continuity of care.

Preventive Services

  • Health and safety programs for employers and employees
  • On-site safety assessments
  • Post-job offer examinations, evaluations, and impairment ratings
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Department of Transportation physicals
  • Random drug screening programs
  • Drug and alcohol testing protocols
  • Hearing conservation programs (Audiometry)
  • Pulmonary function testing (Spirometry)
  • Medical Review Officer services

Acute Care Clinics

  • Acute work injuries and illnesses -- no appointment necessary
  • On-site therapy services
  • In-house radiology services
  • Laboratory services
  • In-house prescription drug formulary
  • Durable medical equipment available
Occupational Health Services


We combine preventative and rehabilitation medicine concepts to occupational medicine: 

  • Coaching employees through recovery to achieve quality results
  • Medical treatment focused on improving functional ability
  • Ensuring a safe return to work
  • Utilizing evidence-based treatment guidelines
  • Designed for the care of injured workers
  • Individualized treatment plans; we use what works best for our patient
  • We aren't the "comp factory mill"
Spine Care


Spine care involves a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of painful and limiting disorders of the spine-- of both the back and the neck. We offer an aggressive, non-surgical approach to improving function and helping to resolve painful disabling injuries and conditions. Referral for surgical consultation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Our Primary concerns are to:

  1. Decrease pain
  2. Increase maximal physical functioning
  3. Educate patients to prevent further spine injuries

Our expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation includes extensive specialty training in electro-diagnostic medicine, in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections, and in manual medicine.

Brain Injury


All of our treatments are individualized to best treat each patient, depending upon the underlying injury and the patient's condition.  We offer both inpatient and outpatient care for Brain Injuries and Traumatic Head Injuries. Dr. Sloan is board certified in Brain Injury Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine


At Manzano Medical Group, we specialize in regenerative medicine, a relatively new area of musculoskeletal medicine with a focus on changing the course of chronic arthritis and musculotendonous injuries.



Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine, and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, in which thin needles are inserted into the body at various acupuncture points. Manzano Medical Group has specialized in providing acupuncture treatments for years, and have found that it helps many of our patients with pain management.